I have an addiction called cheerleading

I am 34 and I have a hobby. Well, some might say an obsession: I am a cheerleader. I do not have pom poms or cleavage. I am not one of the cool girls in school. My team does not cheer for a football team and no this is notBring it on. I am a long time out of high school. I am an athlete and I am strong, fit and, I like to think, a little brave. I train hard for this sport and feel degraded when someone assumes I am the “cheerleader” stereotype. Cheerleading is a legitimate sport. My aim of this blog is to describe to the non-cheerleader what is so great about my sport, and I’m not really sure I can put it into words but here goes: In my team there are around 9 males and 12 females who are al

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