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Running Time: 1.53 min


Showreel for Josephine Croft featuring GroundedBefore I Go, and ABC show Larry the Wonderpup.

Download here

Comedy Reel

Running Time: 2:05 min


Comedy reel for Josephine Croft featuring Love, Larry the Wonderpup, Covered in Exposure and Karma Police. 

Download here

Depressed Mum

Running Time: 45 sec


Scene from short film Butterfly.

Jealous Actress (GemAm)

Running Time: 3;19 sec


Scene from TV series Barry.

Secretary scene

Running Time: 30 secs


Sex therapist (UK accent)

Running Time: 1:22 min


For my full Library of downloadable self tapes go to:
Vimeo Screen shot.png
Comedy scene

Running Time: 55 secs


A scene from Episodes where Carol has a crush on her boss

Stunt/Acro Reel

Running Time: 2:33 min


Acrobatics/cheerleading/aerial stunt reel for Josephine Croft


Running Time: 2:32 min


Commerical reel for Josephine Croft featuring Slurpee, Keno, and Office Choice television commercials shot in 2014/15.

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