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Hitting Zero: A Legacy

Documentary (Episode one)

A seven part web series where we take you behind the scenes as SCC Legacy, Australia's highest level champion team, prepares to fight for a flawless routine with zero deductions. You'll see them fail and get back up again. You'll see sweat, probably a little bit of blood, some tears and a hell of a lot of fight. But you'll also get to know the people who make up SCC Legacy. Who they are, what they're like outside of training and why they do it.


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Before I Go

Short Film (On festival circuit)

Before I go is a short film based in rural Australia; a story of one family’s struggle to stay connected. Frank Ryan, who survived the drought, put food on the table for his children and a roof over their heads, raised them to be strong enough to face the world. And now he has time on his hands. It's a story for all those who want the best for those we love, even if we don’t always have the words to let them know. This film is now completed and being submitted into the festival circuit.

Agent RS452 

Feature Film (In Development)

AGENT RS452 is based on a real life story and adapted into a feature film currently in script development. The drama is set in 1980's South Africa about a compassionate and overlooked Human Rights Lawyer who represents victims of apartheid but is offered the chance to work as a spy reporting on the very people she helps, hoping it will save her country.

A Lie to Remember 

Feature Film (In Development)

A true story about a granddaughter who researches her family history to reveal the secrets and lies her Mother was born into. The story spans 80 years from 1920's South Africa to the present day.



Short Film (In Development)

An anxious woman wakes up on an empty plane, trapped and alone — or so she thinks. As she desperately struggles to find a way out, she realises it’s the least of her problems.

Phone Parasite 

Short Film (In Development)

A short 2 min film about a social media manager’s phone addiction feeds a parasitic device that wont let her go.


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